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Linda Kessler is an American artist- painter and photographer. She is a native New Yorker. She lives and works in New York City when not traveling.  She has traveled and lived in Iceland, China, Brazil, Cuba, Italy, France, Morocco, Mexico Portugal and other regions of the world.  "Rather than looking toward religion or another means it is my work which informs and enables me to find meaning in life. By composing, decomposing and recomposing materials, form, color, lines, space and textures I work the piece until it reaches a completion. Layers upon layers are built and destroyed suggesting the 'muscular armoring' based on the ideas of Wilhelm Reich. Often life-size paintings are a necessity to involve my body in the process.  In the act of slamming, ripping, gouging, drilling, scraping, puncturing, the muscular armoring is broken down and chaos, aggression and fear are liberated."

A similarity between painting and photography -- "photography is instantaneous and informs and increases my senses;  painting is a process, involving time, which takes on a life of its own."

Linda picked up her first camera at eight years of age; and at ten years old had her first exhibition of a painting, which was exhibited at the Lever House in New York. There was no question that early on her gift in the arts was evident. Intrigued and curious by photography and the process and psychology of painting directed her to a life in the visual arts. 

"Linda Kessler is an admirable talent who has always been able to find the spiritual core of her subjects. She has a wonderfully quiet center that reaches out in a patient way to make contact. Her photographs bring out the best and enlighten all that is good and right in a beautiful world that too often is viewed through a dark prism. Very few have the native intelligence to appreciate the difference and Linda Kessler definitely knows the difference.”

Eli Reed
Magnum Photos

Photo credit:  Eli Reed

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